दिनांक 01-04-2023 से लाइनलिस्ट की एन्ट्री मास्टर डेटा अपडेशन तक बन्द रहेगी | दिनाँक 06-04-2022 तक सभी संस्थाऐं माह मार्च की डेटा रिपोर्टिंग कर एचएमआईएस पर भिजवावें |

PCTS: Name Based Tracking Since 2008 ........

Pregnancy, Child Tracking & Health Services Management System is an online software used as an effective planning & management tool by Medical, Health & Family Welfare department, Govt. of Rajasthan. The system maintains online data of more than 13000 government health institutions in the state. The System facilitates :

  • Integrated System for HMIS and Pregnant Women & Child Tracking
  • Online Tracking of Pregnant Women
  • Online Tracking of Infants & Children
  • Better Health Surveillance
  • Monitoring of Immunisation Programme
  • Monitoring of Desi Ghee Scheme
  • Indicatorwise Ranking of Health Institutions
  • Periodic Work Plan for ANMs
  • Monitoring of Institutional Deliveries
  • Monitoring of High Risk Pragnencies
  • Identification of Cases for Sterilization
  • Online Directory of Health Institutions and Health Workers
  • Evaluation Report Card of Individual Health Institution
  • Infrastructure and Human Resources Position of Health Institutions
  • Demand Forecasting of Vaccines
  • Online DBT for Beneficiaries of JSY and RSY

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